This blog traces my influences, studio practice, learning, and teaching of art.

"Alex's Adventures in Fouierland" end of the CWRU school year

Andrew made a great pop up book for his independent Design and Color project. Inspired by Lewis Carroll, he created an entertaining and thought provoking Fourierland where the Chebyshev (Type II) Cat lurks in the blue forest. He plans to earn a graduate degree in robotics at Carnegie Mellon

There were some real Spartans lurking at the Freedman Multimedia center.

The Art Studio exhibition was a place for the students to find closure. I found two of my most open and fun students. Julianne and Yoko, the Ying and Yang of my Arts 101 course. Julianne is transferring to the Cleveland Institute of Art's interior design program and Yoko is graduating to do graduate studies in medicine in Toledo.