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"All Lights Be On"

Although our cat Ritty had never visited the Chatham light house, in 2007 he posed for a photo, used in this painting. He was a very old cat here, and little did I know he would leave us in a year's time. Gail adopted him from Grandma Gloria. He enjoyed eating mice and chipmunks. Legend has it that in his prime, he killed "Shadow" in Euclid, Ohio. He lived out his elder years in Twin Lakes, lounging on the deck sporting a harness. Ritty passed away on June 23 at 12:30 PM. He was 22 years old. His human family and friends will all miss him.

Some comments: "Ritty must certainly have been one of the best loved cats in the world. I will miss him terribly." (Missy), "Ritty was lucky to have had you all as his family. He was a sweet lover boy. " (Dianna), "We'll all certainly miss our old friend. I'm glad that he lived out his many years in a loving home." (Dr. Bob, Hudson Vet), "We all loved him like he was one of our own. We were lucky to have known him." (Lori) "He had a good attitude." Jamie