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Greeks, Freaks, & Geeks at CWRU Greek Week

The Greeks put up "banners" displaying their wit, energy & creativity. Here's the mythic Gnome on the Unicorn. I like the way there was a gallon of green patina sludge just dumped on it.

The dog house theme allows for lounging and studying.

Next door at SAGES cafe, noted scholars had an all day reading of Virgil's Aeneid. I displayed 3 of my paintings.

Outside, these sisters put a lot of effort into their display. The Office of Greek Life declared this years theme: "Nickelodeon".

Some think that the Greek myths are irrelevant. Hollywood certainly doesn't. "Troy" and "The 300" come to mind.

My Arts 101, Design & Color class produced some Aeneid themed art works for the 12 hour reading of Virgil's Aeneid event.

Professor Timothy Wutrich organized the reading event which included Notre Dame Academy Latin group from Toledo. Shaker Hts. High and John Jay High schools also read. It would be great to combine some of the carnival atmosphere outside, with the intellectual relevance inside. A special prize could be given for the best classically referenced display. The reading could be broadcast outside where an improvisational group responds. Think "Animal House" for scholars.