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Raku Class, CWRU, Valley Ridge Farm

I created all of these pieces at the Case Western Reserve University Farm.
Raku is a Japanese inspired form of ceramics, revived in the 60's. Themes of nature with random iridescent glaze patterns, and smokey black and gray mat surfaces set a mysterious and ancient archaeological mood.
Pan was the ancient Greek god of music, shepherds, and the forest. The form was created from a plaster life mask/pug mold. The raku glazes are unpredictable. The green and ochre colors of the mask were a total surprise but appropriate for Pan.
I designed a goblet drum using the golden section. A Greek inspired column crater also uses the primitave technique of coil construction.
Professor Tim Shuckerow taught us how to throw saw dust on the hot glazed bisqued ceramics. The holes were dug in the ground, layered with hay, and were covered with lids to fire the pieces.