This blog traces my influences, studio practice, learning, and teaching of art.

High School, Scholastic Art Awards, Boston Globe

Derek's "Color Line Array" won a Silver Key Award; It explores prismatic variety using oblique parallel projection. He is applying to colleges with a focus in environmental architecture.
Raphael, a Freshman, chose an expressive color harmony for his "Fauve Self Portrait." Does it make reference to Smurfs and Krishna? No matter, it works because of his sensitive use of high chroma color and his careful control of values.
Anna's mixed media collage was inspired by Romare Bearden. As a Junior, International Baccalaureate Art Student, she is planning her own themes: "American Life" and "Women's Road Trip." She will be exploring a wide variety of two dimensional media including printmaking. (I recently found an old cast iron etching press on Craig's list.)