This blog traces my influences, studio practice, learning, and teaching of art.

"Squirrel in Chagrin Falls", monotype

A monotype is a unique, one of a kind print; it is a printed painting. Researching the history of the monotype process I learned that many of Edgar Degas' pastels started as monotypes. Willam Blake used egg tempera with the monotype process. The above image was painted on a plate, printed with a press, and adjusted with Prismacolor pencils. I am excited about reinvestigating this process after teaching it to a high school art class. The Monotype Guild of New England, is holding a national exhibition this year.

"Squirrelly"& "Pile Up", Monoprint exemplars for a high school printmaking class

A monoprint uses a matrix, block or stencil which can be repeated with variations. A series of prints can efficiently be produced. These monoprints were made with 2 squirrel shapes cut out of acetate. They were inked and printed on an etching press. The cut outs can be moved around and printed again, producing a "ghost" image. Additions were made with Prismacolor pencils.