This blog traces my influences, studio practice, learning, and teaching of art.

Portrait of Brian Walker

A friend commissioned this portrait in 1980. We had a photo session on the roof of his apartment in Hell's Kitchen. That is the world trade center in the background. Brian was at first freaked out that his eyes were closed. I was making a contrast of inner & outer worlds. New York is so crazy that looking inward is one way to find peace. What freaks me out, now, is that lone white cloud at the top of the towers.

Three Graces

Chuck and Char Fowler commissioned this portrait of their daughters. We had a jolly photo shoot dancing around in their new house.

I painted from photographs. The middle daughter had passed away earlier, so it was a challenge to make her look a little older. I read somewhere that in heaven, everyone is around 27 years old.

Portrait of George Stiros

This portrait is done in the "See Through Greek Vase" style, circa 1986.
I wonder how many people believe in reincarnation. I would like to. As a kid I would draw pictures in front of the fireplace mantle which had two Ionic fluted columns. I somehow came up with the idea to make cardboard sandals, which didn't last very long on the concrete pavement of E. 214th Street. As an adult, a psychic friend told me I was a Greek model who wanted to be an artist.