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"The Balance of Nature" 1992 proposal for a Cleveland transit station

What could have been at the W. 25th St. GCRTA station...
This is my proposal for a public art work made of enamel on stainless steel panels bolted to a steel framework. Another artist won the competition. He installed photo silkscreen on metal pieces inside the station building. They apparently are badly damaged from leaking water.
The rendering (below) of my sculpture is done in oil on panel. The piece still could be built somewhere else. I have the budget and engineering plans including concrete footers and lighting. The planar sculpture consists of UV resistant porcelain enamel on stainless steel. It is weather and graffiti resistant. At the presentation meeting I demonstrated to the jury how durable the sample porcelain panel was by banging it with a hammer. I guess I should have banged a few heads also.