This blog traces my influences, studio practice, learning, and teaching of art.

"The First Log Cabins On The Cuyahoga River"

The second bench shows the first European settlers from Connecticut. They traveled on corduroy roads. It must have been a bumpy ride. That's a drawing of Moses Cleaveland wearing a Yale cap, on the lower left. He settled and surveyed the town of Cleaveland, July 22, 1796. Parts of our beautiful Western Reserve look just like Connecticut because that's where the settlers came from.

"The Balance of Nature" 1992 proposal for a Cleveland transit station

What could have been at the W. 25th St. GCRTA station...
This is my proposal for a public art work made of enamel on stainless steel panels bolted to a steel framework. Another artist won the competition. He installed photo silkscreen on metal pieces inside the station building. They apparently are badly damaged from leaking water.
The rendering (below) of my sculpture is done in oil on panel. The piece still could be built somewhere else. I have the budget and engineering plans including concrete footers and lighting. The planar sculpture consists of UV resistant porcelain enamel on stainless steel. It is weather and graffiti resistant. At the presentation meeting I demonstrated to the jury how durable the sample porcelain panel was by banging it with a hammer. I guess I should have banged a few heads also.

"Bird Food Chain Table"

This is a functional table. The cut outs are steel coated with porcelain enamel. That means the metal was coated with frit which is ground glass pigment. Each piece is heated in a kiln so that the the frit melts and is fused to the glass. Kent State University has a large scale enameling kiln. It is one of two in the world. The other is in France. The kiln has a huge conveyor belt which will accept pieces of metal up to about 48" square. This is a wonderful medium for polychrome outdoor sculpture or graffiti proof 2d painting.