This blog traces my influences, studio practice, learning, and teaching of art.

Pedagogy & The Wizard of Oz

Recieving the Ohio Art Education Association scholarship award for graduate students was a little surreal. I never looked at that man behind the curatain, but that is Mary Cassat, holding a baby, behind the podium. I'm working on a Masters degree in Art Education at CWRU. Dr. Karen Hutzel, OSU, is tying a black apron on me. The label on the apron reads: "Mr. Boyle Art Teacher". The Award means so much to me, giving the term "Life Long Learning" concrete validity. The help with tuition is also much appreciated.

"Making Masks Play", CWRU Art Studio

Our director, Tim Shuckerow, showed his collection of world masks.

Dr. Amy R. Cohen loves to play cyclops.
She presented her new discoveries about constructing Greek dramatic masks. A montage of her productions of Greek plays at Randolph College was shown. I had some of my favorite paintings hanging.