This blog traces my influences, studio practice, learning, and teaching of art.

A Really Big Show

Anna and I are showing our best (unsold) art work from throughout our careers. I never thought our work would look so good together. There is a total contrast in stylistic approach, but a total harmony in spirit. Someday I would like to organize a proper retrospective, borrowing art work from various collections.

Pedagogy & The Wizard of Oz

Recieving the Ohio Art Education Association scholarship award for graduate students was a little surreal. I never looked at that man behind the curatain, but that is Mary Cassat, holding a baby, behind the podium. I'm working on a Masters degree in Art Education at CWRU. Dr. Karen Hutzel, OSU, is tying a black apron on me. The label on the apron reads: "Mr. Boyle Art Teacher". The Award means so much to me, giving the term "Life Long Learning" concrete validity. The help with tuition is also much appreciated.

"I Remember Euclid Beach"

University Hospitals in Cleveland, commissioned the painting on top for a waiting room. I based the painting on some photos. I shot this one not realizing there was a rainbow ending near the old woman's head. I saw it after I developed the negative and printed it. That is Ellen Spivak sitting on the blanket, reading the news paper. I painted her plein air on a beautiful fall afternoon in 1993.