This blog traces my influences, studio practice, learning, and teaching of art.

"The Show Must Go On"

The Greek theatre lecture at CWRU reminded me of this one I painted in NYC, 1986. A Greek comic actor is on the vase. Modern equivilents on a dixie cup and mug are Bugs Bunny and Laurel and Hardy. There is an African mask. I actually sold this one to a theatrical make up artist. Who would think that 23 years latter in 2009, I'd be exhibiting with a mask artist/ collector at a lecture about Greek theatre? Maybe I'm a psychic artist.

"The Two As One"

This is a straight forward depiction of a real Greek vase and a contemporary paper soda cup. The horizontal banding predates the sparkle of 1960's Op Art. The two eyes on the vase are from a convention called "cup kiss". Greek drinking cups had painted eyes strategically placed so that when the drinker tipped the cup it looked like he was wearing a mask.


If you ever get to Marseilles, France, check out a new gallery: Polysemie. This painting can be seen there. From my funny cup series this one compares ancient and contemporary images. I guess it could have been titled "Menage a tois, old and new" or something like that.

"Soul Mates Will Meet"

I painted this in France, 1988. It was kind of a lonely time in the city of light. Romance was no where to be found. There was the Spanish student I met at French lessons. She compared me to Sacre Coeur, like a white marble bascilica sparkling on the inside but dirty, (sale), on the outside.


I painted this in Paris, 1987. I found this slide and decided to post it after receiving an email from an old friend who said he is opening a new gallery in Marseilles. Ooh La La. Where's that passport?

"Willowy Twilight II"

It's not done till it looks right. The addition of the loutrophoros vase creates a completely different painting. This was a wedding vase shape for holding water for the ceremonial bathing of the bride. The loutrophoros was also used to bathe the unmarried dead and was placed in their tomb.