This blog traces my influences, studio practice, learning, and teaching of art.

"Space Cadet"

This painting was photographed from the side, at an oblique angle. (that's electric conduit on the wall). The blue checked strip on the right is painted on the side. I loved playing with the rotation of a circle/elipse. As the viewer walks by, the elipse rotates and becomes foreshortened.

"Why I Paint Flowers"

Because the symetry of flowers is a direct expression of the golden mean, 1.618 is a unit of division and multiplication throughout natural creation. Who said, "I don't paint nature, I am nature"? Some artists naturally create compositions close to the golden mean / section. One can easily do it precisely with a calculator and a metric ruler. Art can have a healing quality for the viewer.

"Chrysler and the U.N."

The Chrysler building is a mythic symbol of all that the U.S.A. has to offer: stainless steel iconic qualities. It was purchased in 2008 by an investment group from the U.A.E. in Abu Dhabi. Let us stop driving gas hogs, and make public transportation the rule. The U.N. building is in the foreground opposite a rust colored building. I loved painting the silvery sky and wish I was riding in that little yellow cab, right now.


This a painting of the NYC waterfront I painted in 1989, the year I left the city. I made photographs of the skyline from the Circle Line boat trip.
In the center and at a distance, is the Woolworth building, one of my favorites. To the right of it is a large green glass building. And to the right of that are the Twin Towers. The perspective is not 3 point. The buildings do not taper or have a vanishing point as they reach for the sky.