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"Knucklebones I" & "Knucklebones II"

Knucklebones was an ancient game played with animal bones. This very detailed painting was lost in a collectors house fire. I was commissioned to replicate the original. Thinking about painting the same image twice reminds me of a great show of Al Held's at Emerich gallery circa 1978: Al painted two identical geometric abstracts. One was a mirror image. The paintings were hung on oposite walls and the effect was magic.

There are a few differences between Knucklebones I and II. Remember "Highlights for Children" ?

"Soldiers And Sailors Monument"

The monument honoring the four branches of the Union Army as seen through a Gothic arch window of the old Society Bank building. The Civil War memorial on Cleveland's public square was built in 1894. How different Maya Lin's memorial to the Vietnam Veterans is. They both contain long lists of dead warriors. Where are the lists of the dead civilians?

"Slave Labor In China"

Trompe L'Oeil means fool the eye. Viewed from a distance this scene is intended to seem real.
The baseball cap and toys in this painting have "Made In China" tags on them. This painting was painted during the 1995 World Series playoffs. Native American Indian groups are still protesting the use of "Chief Wahoo" as a logo for the Cleveland Indians. Has there ever been slave labor in China? Can we compare U.S./Native America to China/Tibet. This painting was included included in West Publishing Corporation's Art & The Law 21st. National Touring Exhibition, and is in their collection in Eagan, MN.