This blog traces my influences, studio practice, learning, and teaching of art.

"Cat Walk"

Here's our old man. We think he's about 19 years old. This was painted when he still seemed to have his stripes. It's funny how his colors seem to change the older he gets. Now he's almost solid gray. I should paint another one. The old man looks kind of disgruntled, like most of us now.


Everything except the horn was painted from life. That is the old Bendix radio from Grandmother's house.
Some of my father's old sheet music was the inspiration for this painting. He wanted to sing professionally but met my mother and became an optometrist.


All of the perfume bottles and other vases were painted from life in my studio. The Greek amphora was painted from a photograph. The Greeks drew the images on their vases in orthographic projection. This system of drawing naturally happens when the sun at dusk projects a shadow on a wall. The shadow is a direct and undistorted representation.
The tops and bottoms of the cylinders are flat. It is as if the viewer of the scene is at an infinity away.

Time Stop Your Flight

This recent painting explores a new idea for me. A glass shelf on a rectangular format.
I once asked a psychic friend if I should rework some paintings and change the dates, or even not date my paintings at all. She said, "Of course, you could have thought of those ideas centuries ago. Do whatever you want." Are ideas just floating around in the ether? (Pat Barriuso where are you? Email me.)