This blog traces my influences, studio practice, learning, and teaching of art.

Painted in the open air, this small one is one of my favorites. There is nothing to think about, other than the sound of the waves, the sand, green trees, and crystal clear blue sky.


This a painting of the NYC waterfront I painted in 1989, the year I left the city. I made photographs of the skyline from the Circle Line boat trip.
In the center and at a distance, is the Woolworth building, one of my favorites. To the right of it is a large green glass building. And to the right of that are the Twin Towers. The perspective is not 3 point. The buildings do not taper or have a vanishing point as they reach for the sky.

Independence Day, New Haven CT

Pearched on a rock during a medium stinky low tide on the 4th of July, I painted this scene of the New Haven Light House. A wading man asked if I made a living at this. "It's a labour of love." I said. He pointed to the shore and the people walking on the rocks and began to talk about his family, his profession and the possiblity of a divorce.